"I didn't know whether to run for my life or fall in love."

- Mark Cofta, Philadelphia City Paper

creative team:

Directed by Sam Tower
Written by Jeremy Gable
Featuring + Co-Created by Emilie Krause, Anna Szapiro, Merri Rashoyan, Lauren Tuvell, Caitlin Dagle
Music Composition and Performance by Alec MacLaughlin

All material generated collaboratively with the ensemble.

Lighting Design: Andrew Thompson
Sound Design: Aziz Naouai
Set & Costume Design: Sam Tower
Associate Costume Design: Emilie Krause
Installation Design: Kevin Meehan
Stage Manager: Terry Mittelman
Assistant Stage Manager: Caitlin Dagle
Front of House: Anne Ketcham, Arianna Gass

Produced by Sam Tower + Ensemble


"Jeremy Gable's lean script captures the noir style well -- "What's your rub, honey?" -- and leaves a lot of room for Tower's bold staging, which includes fights and eerily expressive flashbacks [...] all strikingly lit by Andrew Thompson"  -- Mark Cofta, Philadelphia CityPaper

"Staged by a strong and brilliant all-woman cast, supported by the artistry of talented designers, this new theatre company has made one heck of an entrance." -- Kathryn Osenlund, CurtainUp Philadelphia Review

901 Nowhere Street

Presented in 2015 Philadelphia Fringe Festival
September 8 - 17, 2015
Power Plant Productions Basement

One reckless evening draws an aspiring novelist into an intoxicating world where a cynical private eye and a mysterious publisher struggle to erase their past. Three hardboiled heroines are swept up in a twisted exploit of power, betrayal, and manipulation. Fantasy trumps reality in this hallucinogenic crime drama gone awry.

"Yes, like all good mistakes, a burnt cake is an easy thing to cover up."

~ Olivia L'amour, 901 Nowhere Street

Under the influence of a supernaturally seductive lounge singer, three fast-talking anti-heroines come face to face with demons, desires and self-destruction. How far will these desperate dames go to find out what they’re truly made of underneath?

901 Nowhere Street explores multi-dimensional female protagonists through the lens of film noir, challenging the woman’s role in a traditionally male-dominated genre. Gable’s sharp-witted script, teamed with Tower’s surreal staging, transports the audience to a sultry underworld where the Id rules all. 

MacLaughlin's haunting live guitar score blends with hot jazz ballads of 1940’s to create a modern, female-centric interpretation of the timeless detective drama.

 Anna Zaida Szapiro in  901 Nowhere Street  (image by Plate3.com)

Anna Zaida Szapiro in 901 Nowhere Street (image by Plate3.com)